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About this car

Introducing the Toyota Corolla S 2015: Elevate Your Road Adventure Experience 🚀

Are you ready to elevate your ride sharing experience? Look no further than the stylish and dependable Toyota Corolla S 2015. With a perfect blend of modern features and outstanding reliability, this iconic sedan is the ideal choice for drivers and passengers alike. Here are some of the exciting features and specifications that make the Corolla S 2015 stand out on our ride sharing platform: 🌟

1. Sporty and Sleek Design: 😎 The Toyota Corolla S 2015 boasts a sporty and sleek exterior design that catches attention wherever it goes. With its bold front grille, striking headlights, and aerodynamic profile, this car exudes confidence and sophistication, making a lasting impression on riders.

2. Comfortable and Spacious Interior: 🚘 Step inside the Corolla S, and you’ll find a thoughtfully designed and spacious interior. Ample legroom and supportive seating ensure that both drivers and passengers enjoy a comfortable ride, making those long journeys a breeze.

3. Advanced Infotainment System: 📱 Stay connected and entertained on the road with the Corolla S’s advanced infotainment system. The user-friendly touchscreen display allows for seamless control of music, navigation, and hands-free calling, ensuring a connected and enjoyable ride for your passengers.

4. Impressive Fuel Efficiency: ⛽ The Corolla S 2015 is equipped with an efficient engine, translating to impressive fuel economy. Drive more miles with fewer stops at the pump, saving on fuel costs and offering competitive rates to your riders.

5. Toyota’s Legendary Reliability: 🛡️ Toyota has built a reputation for producing reliable vehicles, and the Corolla S 2015 is no exception. With its solid construction and high-quality materials, this car delivers a worry-free and dependable ride for drivers and riders alike.

6. Advanced Safety Features: 🛡️ Safety is a top priority in the Corolla S. Equipped with advanced safety features like multiple airbags, stability control, and anti-lock brakes, this car provides peace of mind for both drivers and passengers during every journey.

7. Smooth and Agile Handling: 🚗💨 Experience the joy of driving with the Corolla S’s smooth and agile handling. Whether navigating busy city streets or cruising on the highway, this car delivers a responsive and enjoyable driving experience for drivers and a comfortable ride for passengers.

Choose the Toyota Corolla S 2015 for Unforgettable Rides: 🚀 With its eye-catching design, advanced features, and outstanding reliability, the Toyota Corolla S 2015 is the perfect addition to our ride sharing platform. Join us and offer your passengers an unforgettable and enjoyable ride, backed by Toyota’s legacy of excellence. Drive with confidence, exceed expectations, and create lasting impressions with the remarkable Corolla S 2015. 🌟

Location Availability & Pricing

This is available for use within Takoradi, and outside Takoradi at additional daily rates

RegionDaily Rates (/day)
Central RegionGHC 580
Greater Accra RegionGHC 580
Ashanti RegionGHC 650


  • NO SMOKING of cigarettes or marijuana is allowed in this car
  • NO DRINKING & driving under the influence
  • DON’T ATTEMPT TO FIX the car if you encounter any problems
  • DON’T ATTEMPT To book this car for a location and end up in a different region
  • DON’T ATTEMPT To use this car for commercial purposes (Uber, Bolt)
  • DO Inspect the car on delivery and return
  • DO contact Wopecar directly for any extensions of your booking

Terms & Conditions

All clients should adhere to;

  • Wopecar Terms & Conditions
  • The signed lease agreement (T&Es) of Wopecar to enjoy this lovely car.
  • A security deposit of 25% is required for all bookings
  • One-day booking is UNAVAILABLE
  • A delivery fee is required for all deliveries

Car Features

Backup Camera
Cruise control
FM Radio
Lane assist
Sunroof or moonroof



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