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Security Deposit

What is the security deposit for self-drive vehicle rentals?

A security deposit of GHS500 or 25% (for rentals of 5 days or more) is required before vehicle pick up.

The security deposit is intended to cover potential damages, additional charges, or fees during the rental period.

Yes, the security deposit amount may vary based on the duration of rental and rental agreement terms.

The security deposit will be refunded in full upon the return of the vehicle in the same condition it was provided, and when all rental agreement terms have been met.

Any deductions from the security deposit will be made in accordance with the terms outlined in the rental agreement.

Ensure you have the necessary funds available for the security deposit before picking up your rental vehicle. Various payment methods are accepted.

Yes, our rental staff will provide detailed information on the deposit amount and payment options when you arrive to pick up the vehicle.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact our rental office. We are here to assist and ensure a smooth and secure rental experience.